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Client Testimonials

We take this opportunity to cordially thank our clients who made us the largest truss engineering & manufacturing company in Florida.

Since 1986, we have serviced several construction companies from all over Florida, with our Truss Engineering knowledge and meticulously manufactured Truss products.
We are proud to list a few of our clients, and we would like to inform you that our commitment to quality of products and services fortified by our innovative technologies will continue to meet our standard of perfection.

With our great reputation and on-going legacy, we immensely appreciate all of the kind words that our friends share with us. 

"Florida Quality Truss is a pleasure to work with, their team is very knowledgeable and produce a product that fits the project correctly the first time. Their field expertise in resolving complicated remodeling projects puts them on the top of our list. We appreciate your business in the construction industry and the quality you produce. Thank you..."

-Cianci Construction


"...tremendous experience for us. They have been very helpful in adjusting to our schedules and deliveries and also in getting quotes back to us in a very fast turn around...GREAT COMPANY"

-Gulf Stone Construction


"...I am honored and privileged to have FQT as a business partner and to call you my friends..." 

-WCI Communities

" notch facility, designs in days not weeks, excellent truss construction and deliveries on time every time, with great communication the whole way through. For anyone in this industry, I am sure that you will appreciate ...Thanks again guys and see you on the next one!"

-Watson Group


"I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding quality work you provided Arvida over the past ten years.  We are sincerely appreciative of your continued devotion and invaluable services."




We'd love to hear about your experience.
Feel free to drop us a note with your own testimonial here...


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