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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average turn-around time?
From beginning to end it varies as no two jobs are identical. Some jobs can be fulfilled in less than a week, others may take a few weeks - depending on the size and scope of your project and our Production Facility's schedule. 
How quickly can I get a quote?
Quotes can be sent within one hour to one week depending on the size of the project and the availability of the estimator. You may submit for a quote here.
My quote passed the expiration date, will you honor my original price?
In some occasions, yes, and some occasions, no. However, it varies on a number of factors including the material costs of your project. Material costs consist of the cost of lumber, steel, and other materials. Material increases are unfortunately unsteady and always changing - these are the biggest factors of any potential pricing change after the contract's time lapses. 
Where do you service?
We are able to service all of Florida, including SW FL, the Keys, and more. For more info, please click here.
Where are trusses manufactured?
Trusses are manufactured at our Production Facility, located in Hobe Sound. With close access to the highway, our Hobe Sound plant is logistically capable of servicing the state. Our main office is located in Pompano Beach, where we can accept visitors and hold consultations. 
Do you provide trusses for custom homes?
Yes, we are known as the 'Go-to' company in the construction community when it comes to larger and more complex projects. 
Do you manufacture trusses for production (tract) homes?
Yes, we have ample experience working with many large builders over the years. 
Do you manufacture timber trusses?
Yes, we are able to manufacture timber projects. Timber trusses require more attention and care due to their nature. 
Please contact us directly for more information.
Do you give preferential treatment to larger builders over smaller contractors or owner-builders?
No. We treat all our professional relationships with the same level of respect which is why we have the most repeat clients in this industry. We have clients that have been with us for more than 25 years, and we enjoy creating new relationships just the same. 
What is required when I request a quote?
Please send us the latest version of your full architectural plans. Please do not omit pages, the more details and information we have, the better we can do our job. If you have structurals handy, then please send those as well. We can accept PDF and CAD files. 
Do you only build new construction or can you supply trusses for additions or renovations?
We provide trusses under whatever the circumstance calls for (new construction, addition, renovations, fire damage, etc).
Are field visits necessary?
In most cases, they are highly recommended.  Especially with an existing structure, such as an addition or renovation, we must design your new trusses to blend seamlessly into the existing building, which requires verification of dimensions and existing conditions such as heel heights, pitch, etc. 
Are you currently hiring?
We are always accepting applications or resumes. For more information, please see here. 
For further questions, please contact us here or call us at 954-975-3384.

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